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OnceAppon is a streamingservice containing original stories for the children but all ages are welcome.

Our motto is "The stories you never heard before" and describes exactly what it is. We produce everything ourselves and work with professionals in all areas. 

We also aim to reduce the interaction that we are exposed to from everywhere today and instead bring forth the calm and quality time for the family or individual. 

This is also why the APP is simple to use and easy to understand.
Each story can be on silent mode with the text shown for those who wants to read to their children. 

The stories are not containing any bad language, sexual allusion or close up violence.
We are working close to the audience and produce stories for alla interest. 

Wheter you like dangerous Dragons or Dinosarus, scary Ghosts, sweet animal adventures or totally wierd and funny stories this APP is for you!

If you want to hear the classcial Alice in Wonderland, you will not find it, but if you instead want to hear

"Alice and the fart in the wonderland", then you are have come to the right place!

Every month new stories are produced with highest quality.
We want as many children as possible to be able to hear all the content, this is why the price is one of the lowest on market for this kind of service.

Every month we donate money to the fund for threating childrens cancer.
Every month we distribute this APP totaly free to many children

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