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OnceAppon’s first story ”One Long Night” is about a child who refuses to go to sleep, and prefers to explore the night instead.

Your child chooses the preferences of storyline, based on hundreds of pre-written scenarios containing educational content.

It’s an interactive, personalized, educational & super fun experience for your child! For ages 2 and up.

The App features

Home Screen

Welcome to our App : )
Create your own personalized Heroes & Stories!

Avatar creator

Create your hero by choosing face & body preferences:
from hundreds of options, colors and patterns.
You can make it look like you, like your friend or like your wannabe…

Stories Library

Your stories are saved here.
You can edit them, read them over and over.

Avatars Library

Your avatars are saved here.
Make them the heroes of your stories.
you can edit them and also share them with friends.

Story Creator

Choose the story’s themes, characters and preferences,
based on hundreds of pre-written scenarios,
all containing educational values.

Interactive Book

The story gets woven together and automatically brought to life as a cool digital book!
Kids can read themselves, listen to our embedded narration, or Mom or Dad can record themselves reading to them!

Hard Cover Book

Bring the child creations to life, as real personalized hard-cover book!